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Import and production of non-woven polypropylene

Under the wings of the Berotex company, which has been present on Polish and foreign markets for over 24 years, we have gained valuable experience that we were able to apply when establishing the Bermed brand. The newest branch of our company focuses its activity on medical, cosmetic and dental industries. We specialize in the production and wholesale of high-quality polypropylene nonwovens and protective goods. We want the manufacturers of medical, protective, cosmetic and hygienic products to be able to create their products using good quality fabrics tailored to the customer’s needs. Therefore, we provide various types of medical nonwovens for masks and protective goods production, as well as ready-to-use medical clothing and accessories.

warehouse full of nonwovens
Bermed warehouse

Medical clothing and accessories on Bermed offer

Bermed's offer includes protective clothing and accessories that are used on a daily basis in the medical, cosmetic and dental industries. Among them, protective masks, coveralls and medical gowns. The products are made of fabrics (polypropylene nonwovens) ensuring wearer’s comfort during work. For the accessories and protective clothing to be comfortable, not only nonwovens with appropriate parameters play an important role, but also the elements that complement the product. That is why our medical products are equipped with such details as soft elastics in the masks, comfortable and protective fasteners in the coveralls, as well as the size adjustable tapes and Velcro tabs in medical gowns.

Medical and hygienic nonwovens

For the production of medical accessories, depending on the type of product, appropriate medical nonwovens are used. The parameters of a medical nonwoven fabric, such as grammage, the level of bacterial filtration, water or air permeability may differ. In our offer you will find high-quality fabrics from which you can sew clothes, medical accessories, as well as nonwovens ideal for medical masks’ production. Among others, meltblown non-woven, SMS non-woven (spunbond-meltblown-spunbond), polypropylene non-woven (also called nonwoven, spunbond, PP) and laminated nonwovens composed of spunbond and PE film, which are used in the medical, dental and cosmetic industries for the production of technical masks, surgical gowns, coveralls, as well as packaging for disinfecting tools. Our nonwovens have medical certificates, thanks to which you can be sure that they are a reliable and safe choice.

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