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The roots of the company date 24 years back, when the family business - Berotex - was established. Throughout these years we have been building our reputation and developing our position among the fabric, textile and leather-crafting accessories’ markets. Taking into consideration the current demand for medical products and nonwovens, we are expanding our products categories under the new Bermed brand, concentrating our activity on technical, polypropylene medical fabrics and protective products made of high-quality nonwoven fabrics.

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Medical Nonwovens’ Production

Our medical nonwovens used in masks, clothing and protective accessories’ production are created according to the latest technologies. By implementing the latest available technology, we are constantly working to provide our customers with products of the best quality. For this reason, we decided to produce materials from pure polypropylene. According to the specification of the fabric, either spunbond or meltblown technology is used in their production. Basing our expertise on our knowledge and experience, we provide our customers with nonwovens of the highest quality that meet the requirements of the medical, cosmetic and dental industries. Check how medical nonwovens are produced!


Filter nonwovens for masks

Filter nonwovens intended for protective masks with a high BFE index. Nonwovens made in Meltblown and Spunbond technology, which constitute a barrier to microorganisms.

Medical certificates

At Bermed, we are aware of the significance of medical certificates in the production of protective accessories. They provide our clients with reassurance that the products they create will meet the safety standards required for medical mask, aprons or overalls. We would like to make you aware that Bermed medical nonwovens and protective accessories are a reliable choice. For that specific reason, we offer our clients fabrics manufactured according to the highest standards and possess the required certificates, among others SGS, OEKO-TEX®, CENTEXBEL and EUROFINS.

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Polypropylene nonwovens are widely used in many fields due to its technical properties. They find their application especially in leather crafting, furniture making and in the medical and hygiene production industries. Their reinforced structure of the nonwovens, high level of bacterial filtration and resistance to liquid penetration make them suitable for the production of technical products, such as surgical gowns, protective coveralls and medical masks.
Cosmetic products
Dental products
Medical products
Zielony laminat medyczny

Medical use of textile laminates

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Blue Spunbond nonwoven

Polypropylene nonwovens – a guide

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Medical nonwovens – production and wholesale

Bermed is a newly established brand. However, our activities are based on the expertise and years of experience of Berotex – a wholesaler specialized in the sale of polypropylene fabrics and nonwovens. Our objective is to provide our customers with medical nonwovens that meet the highest standards and can be used in medical products. As a manufacturer of medical nonwovens, we offer a wide selection of materials used for medical clothing, hygiene accessories (including diapers and wet wipes) and cosmetic accessories (tablecloths). In addition to selling medical nonwovens, we also distribute medical protective clothing. In our assortment you will find SMS nonwoven surgical gowns with a high level of bacterial filtration and waterproof protective suits with medical certificates.

Medical, cosmetic and hygienic nonwovens

Medical nonwovens are useful not only in the medical industry as materials for masks or protective clothing. Spunbond, meltblown, SMS and laminated nonwovens are equally popular in the cosmetics industry and in the production of hygiene products. In beauty salons, nonwovens are used as tablecloths on which cosmetics, devices and treatment tools are placed. In hygienic products, medical nonwovens are an excellent solution due to the fact that they do not raise dust, but prevent the penetration of pollutants and limit the inleakage of liquids. Depending on what type of nonwovens is needed for the production of the protective articles, our clients can choose the basis weight, as well as the color of the fabric.

Medical supplies with certificates

Purchasing Bermed fabrics, we reassure you that our medical nonwovens are of highest quality as all of them are certified. The materials were tested for the effects of various factors, such as resistance to blood flow or the level of bacterial filtration. The tests confirmed that the bacterial filtration level of meltblown nonwoven is 99.6% and SMS nonwoven is above 98%. Whereas, the laminated nonwoven was tested for the action of synthetic blood and passed the flux resistance test up to 20 kPa. In addition, our nonwovens are certified by SGS, the certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene, as well as the OEKO-TEX certificate granted to the textile and textile products, which stands for their quality.

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