Medical use of textile laminates

Medical textile laminates

Laminate of spunbond nonwovens and PE foil, i.e. a material used in many industrial branches, which has also found its place in the medical industry. However, in order to be able to fulfill its application in this industrial field, certain conditions must be met.

Our medical laminates have Centexbel and SGS certificates confirming their barrier properties. The conducted tests also confirm the resistance of the polypropylene material to synthetic blood, which confirms the safety of the use of medical laminates and breathable laminates in the production of, for example, medical gowns or protective coveralls.

Protective medical laminate

Classic medical laminate available in two colours: green and blue. It provides protection against liquid penetration and has been tested for resistance to synthetic blood, obtaining Centexbel and SGS certificates.

Medical laminate can be used to produce: medical aprons, protective suits, protective clothing, medical sheets, footwear and packaging.

Breathable non-transparent laminate

Yes, it is possible - our offer includes white laminate, which does not shine through and does not produce sounds when worn. What is more, the thickness of the material and its softness provide exceptional comfort, and the production technology has been selected to obtain air-permeable properties while maintaining barrier functions.

When choosing the right type of laminate, we must remember to pay attention to the most important properties of the material which should be fulfilled during the realization of the order for protective products.

Textile laminates in the medical industry - how to use them?

Medical laminates are widely used as auxiliary agents needed to treat patients. They can be used during treatment as well as during rehabilitation.

The properties of the combined material of the spunbond nonwoven fabric and thin PE foil allow the use of the laminate for the production of hygienic drapes, e.g. for arranging surgical instruments and accessories during the procedure. It is also perfect as a material for medical sheets. Due to the combination of non-woven fabric and foil, the material absorbs liquids, but the foil blocks their seepage. Medical laminate sheets gain an additional functional aspect due to their resistance to liquids and the possibility of quick replacement after treatments and tests.

The laminate is also used to manufacture mattresses for hospital beds with anti-bedsore properties, which ensure adequate ventilation and absorption of moisture. The wide application of this universal material also finds its place in the field of rehabilitation. Textile laminates are usually used to create rehabilitation mats and even joint stabilizers.

Laminate for dental drapes

The laminate of spunbond nonwoven and thin foil will also find application in the field of dentistry. The use of laminates as dental drapes is an extremely convenient solution, and their exchange between patients takes only a moment and improves the preparation of the office for treatments.

The PE foil provides the material with properties that block the penetration of various types of fluids directly onto the equipment of the dental office. The non-woven polypropylene layer causes any spilled liquids to soak into the material.

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