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Biały laminat oddychający

Breathable Laminate

White laminate of spunbond nonwoven fabric and PE film with very good air-permeable properties. Unlike many laminates, it is not a transparent material. The thickness of the fabric and its softness provide exceptional comfort and reduce the production of sounds when rubbing the material while wearing it.

White protective medical coverall

Protective medical coverall

The protective overall is available in white and in three sizes M / L / XL. It has a well-fitted hood and the possibility of adjusting the cuffs and sleeves. It provides a very good protection against harmful external factors.

Blue protective medical laminate

Protective medical laminate

The material is covered with polyethylene, which creates a layer resistant to synthetic blood. It can be used for the production of gowns and coveralls, but it is not a breathable material.

Green SMS nonwoven

SMS Nonwoven

A three-layer nonwoven fabric with a carefully selected material composition, thanks to which it gains unique properties such as: positive bacterial filtration tests above 98%, low permeability of pollutants and liquids, free air flow – breathable material, wear resistance and tear resistance.

Dental nonwovens

Dental nonwovens are materials used as hygienic elements and protective clothing at dental clinics. Light, breathable and to varying degrees resistant to fluids, non-woven fabrics are perfect as gowns, coveralls, protective masks, as well as drapes used during dental procedures. Among them you will find nonwovens for masks: meltblown (with a BFE index of 99.6%), spunbond, SMS nonwovens and laminated nonwovens: protective and breathable.

Laminate for dental bibs

As a material for dental bibs, we especially recommend laminate of spunbond nonwoven fabric and thin foil. What are the properties of laminated nonwovens? First of all, the foil makes them a water-impermeable material. Thanks to this, there is no risk of various types of liquids getting directly onto the equipment of the dentist’s clinic, and the exchange of protective bibs between individual patients is extremely simple. The non-woven polypropylene layer causes any spilled liquids to soak into the material.

Non-woven fabric for dental accessories

The non-woven fabric (facing) is also used in the production of other types of dental accessories. It is used in the production of protective covers for dental chairs, which are put on the seat, backrest and headrest. Polypropylene nonwovens absorb water, therefore they are perfect as dental bibs and replaceable spittoon cartridges. During dental procedures, e.g. during air abrasion, the patient’s face is covered with a dedicated face mask, which is also produced with the use of breathable spunbond nonwoven fabric.


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