Production of medical nonwoven fabric

In order to ensure the highest quality of our products, a dedicated group of specialists is overseeing the decision making process when choosing the appropriate type of raw material and the production technology to keep all the elements aligned with each other. Additionally, we collaborate with local and international enterprises who are experts in the field of inspection, verification, testing and certification of materials.

Medical nonwovens should be characterized by properties which are gained thanks to the technologies used during production. As a manufacturer of medical nonwoven fabric, we make sure to maintain the highest quality of products by selecting the appropriate type of raw materials and production technology. We use pure polypropylene in our materials using Meltblown and Spundbond non-woven technology.

What research are we focusing on?

Barrier properties
Resistance to synthetic blood penetration
Disruptive strength
Puncture Resistance
Resistance to penetration by contaminated liquids under hydrostatic pressure
Resistance to liquid stream percolation
Resistance to sprayed liquid penetration
Seam strength

Meltblown technology

The Meltblown technology (in simplified terms, blowing molten polymer) aims to create a non-woven fabric with filtration properties. Thanks to special fibre production technology, meltblown has a high level of bacterial filtration. The fibre structure prevents the entry of pathogens and contaminants (the BFE level of our meltblown nonwoven fabric is 99,6%).

Spunbond technology

The spunbond technology creates a non-woven fabric of polypropylene fibres with characteristic properties. Medical nonwovens produced with spunbond technology are tensile resistant (and soft at the same time), do not tear and do not wipe, so they are perfect for sewing and layering with other spunbond or meltblown nonwovens. In the case of non-woven fabric for masks or protective articles, air permeability while protecting against the ingress of germs through droplets is an extremely important feature.

Parameters of medical non-woven fabric

What properties do medical nonwovens have? Depending on the technology used and the weight of the material, several features are taken into account. In the case of medical nonwovens, waterproofness and resistance to various types of liquids is extremely important. Medical nonwovens in which meltblown technology is used belong to the group of filtering nonwovens. The barrier character is determined by the BFE value, the bacterial filtration index. The high value of the indicator means that the medical nonwoven prevents leakage, penetration of fine particles, microorganisms, dangerous liquids and vapours. Apart from chemical factors, medical nonwovens are also exposed to mechanical factors. That's why our non-woven fabrics for masks and protective accessories are tested for tear and puncture resistance as well as seam strength.

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