Protective medical laminate

Spunbond nonwoven fabric and PE film laminate. This polypropylene material is covered with a thin polyethylene film which creates a layer resistant to synthetic blood. The laminate can be used for the production of medical gowns and protective overalls, but it is not a breathable material.

Technical details:

  • Name: Laminate
  • Raw material: spunbond, polyethylene
  • Weight: 53 g/m2
  • Width: determined individually
  • Rolls: from 15 cm – 160cm
  • Beams: depending on the weight from 200 to 6000

Application: aprons, overalls, protective clothing, medical sheets, footwear, packaging


Włókniny z certyfikatem CENTEXBEL Włókniny z certyfikatem SGS

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