Polypropylene Nonwoven

Polypropylene nonwovens are valued in many industries due to their properties. They were produced in spunbond technology. As a result, they are characterized by softness, low susceptibility to stretching, relative stiffness and do not fray while cutting. The polypropylene nonwoven is hardly flammable (they melt at high temperatures and do not burn). In addition, PP nonwovens are breathable as well as very resistant to stretching, tearing and abrasion.

Technical details:

  • Name: nonwoven polypropylene, PP, non-woven
  • Raw material: 100% polypropylene
  • Weight: 8-150/m2
  • Width: determined individually
  • Color: determined individually
  • Rolls: from 15 cm – 160cm
  • Beams: depending on the weight from 200 to 6000

Application: spunbonds, surgical gowns, protective masks, protective clothing, personal hygiene, diapers, disinfection wipes, as well as clothing, upholstery, furniture, leathercraft and footwear industries.


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