Spunbond Nonwoven

Spunbond polypropylene nonwovens are mainly used in medicine, hygiene, cosmetics and pharmacy. They are applied as independent materials, offering low masses with relatively high strength properties. They can also be bonded with other materials (meltblown nonwoven), gaining completely new properties. These compositions are mainly used for hygienic applications, products for construction and the automotive industry.

Technical details:

  • Name: spunbond
  • Raw material: 100% polypropylene
  • Weight: 20, 30, 40, 50 g/m2
  • Width: determined individually
  • Color: determined individually
  • Rolls: from 15 cm – 160cm
  • Windings: depending on the weight from 200 to 6000

Application: spunbond nonwovens are applied in products such as, protective and medical clothing: disposable clothing, gloves, hats, caps, footwear protectors, surgical clothing, surgical field underlays and foiled underlays, disposable sheets and foiled sheets, single-layer medical masks, surgical gowns, shoe covers, sanitary pads, diapers, tampons, bandages, patches, dressings, compresses, linings, pockets, partitions, masking elements in products such as bags, belts, cases.


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